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Let's play Kendama in Yokohama

Kendama classroom in Yokohama

 We are a Kendama classroom in Yokohama.
We have a kendama classroom in a building 10 minutes' walk from Yokohama Station.


 The Kendama classroom closest to Yokohama Station is our "OKen".


 Kendama is popular worldwide now. The popularity of Kendama is that the Kendama World Cup will be held.


 However, there are not many places where you can learn kendama in the Kanto area of Japan.


 If you want to learn Kendama, which is a traditional Japanese culture and also a popular Skill Toy worldwide, please join our Kendama class.


What is Kendama?

 Kendama is Japanese traditional Skill Toy.
 Japanese have been playing with kendama since ancient times.

 However, Kendama has become popular worldwide since around 2010.
 People from all over the world on YouTube and Instagram are trying their best to make Kendama better.

 At first glance it looks very difficult, but if you practice kendama you can do it for you!

 Let's enjoy Kendama with us.