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 We are a Kendama group called YOKOKEN which is doing Kendama in Yokohama.

  We are certified Kendama lecturers of the Japan Kendama Association (JKA), an organization of Kendama in Japan.


  We usually produce video works using kendama on YouTube.   The Kendama classroom "OKen" teaches you the tricks of Kendama that we usually use.


  If you want to know more about us, check out the YouTube work

and this page.

 Kendama is a traditional Japanese skill toy.
  However, in recent years it has become popular as a cool play tool like juggling.
  Kendama is a play tool that can be purchased for around 2000 yen.

  Every summer, a tournament called the Kendama World Cup will be held. Not only Japanese people but also people from various countries such as USA, EU, Southeast Asia participate in the tournament.


  If you play a kendama once, you will never forget the fun of kendama!


About us

About Kendama

OKen―Kendama Gym by YOKOKEN―is a Kendama classroom in Yokohama.
 We have a kendama classroom in a building 10 minutes' walk from Yokohama Station. We have Kendama classes on the first Saturday and the third Saturday evening.


  Kendama is a very cool skill toy.
 However, just practicing alone does not improve kendama too much. Besides, it would be fun to practice kendama with everyone!


   If you are interested in Kendama and want to learn it, why not join our Kendama class?
 We teach Kendama carefully so that you can do it well! Please come to our Kendama classroom.


About our Kendama classroom